Toshiba Africa CSR Activity 2016

Toshiba Africa CSR Activity 2016

Toshiba Africa is combining a celebration of the seasonal spirit with the goals of Toshiba Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Month to promote a December community outreach programme for the second year in a row.

This main event take place on December 5th, when all employees of Toshiba Africa will make donations of food hampers to poor and needy children, aged from six to 10, at the Siyakhula Day care, a nonprofit organization center in Johannesburg, South Africa.

December is CSR Month for the global Toshiba Group, and December 5th is International Volunteer Day, a UN promoted opportunity for a show of fellow feeling and community spirit. Employees of Toshiba companies around the world are encouraged to participate on and around the day, and Toshiba Africa is responding to the call. The company’s employees want to support and demonstrate Toshiba’s commitment to engaging with and contributing to society as a whole as one of its underlying principles.

Toshiba Africa is truly appreciative of all the help and support of its employees in making this event both possible and a success. Toshiba Africa’s intent is to ensure that the less fortunate can enjoy a special treat during the Christmas season.
Building on achievements thus far, Toshiba Africa will continue to motivate employees to participate in contributing to society and to making a positive difference for many years to come.

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