Toshiba Africa Newsletter Edition 3 – 2022

Toshiba concluded MoU with Philippine government about hydrogen based autonomous energy supply system
Toshiba’s New Palm-sized Projector Unit Pushes LiDAR’s Detection Range to 300m, the World’s Longest, with Industry-leading Image Quality

Flexibility to combine multiple projectors allows customization of detection range and angle, realizes wide application from autonomous driving to infrastructure monitoring.

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News release
Toshiba a Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovator for the Eleventh Consecutive Year

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Toshiba Launches Ultra-Low Capacitance TVS Diode that Protects High-Frequency Antennas of IoT Devices from ESD
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The Toshiba Co-creation Center “Creative Circuit” Implements Video Recognition AI to Promote Value Creation with Co-creation Partners
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Toshiba Clip - New stories
Taking on the World’s Smallest LiDAR, Part 1 Improving the “Eyes” of Autonomous Driving
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Taking on the world’s smallest LiDAR, Part 2 Constant, reliable infrastructure monitoring
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