Toshiba Africa Newsletter Edition 9 – 2022

Toshiba concluded MoU with Philippine government about hydrogen based autonomous energy supply system
Toshiba’s energy focus

Toshiba ESS exhibited at CIGRE 2022 in France and releases the exhibition panels and movies online. Please visit our website to see our energy focus and solutions.

Gas- insulated switchgears (GIS) – Aeroxia™
The future vision of the grid – Grid2050
Digital Twin of Power system infrastructure
Polymer Surge Arresters
Protection relays
Distribution transformers

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News release
Toshiba’s Double-Transmon Coupler Will Realize Faster, More Accurate Superconducting Quantum Computers
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Toshiba to Complete Its Third Manufacturing of One of World’s Largest Toroidal Field Coils for ITER
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Toshiba Boosts Transparent Cu2O Tandem Solar Cell to A New High
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Toshiba Clip
Toshiba’s young engineers: Tackling climate change with abundant water resources

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Harnessing the Full Power of the Sun, Part 1 -What exactly is “transparent Cu₂O,” the material poised to dominate the next-generation solar cell market?
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Harnessing the Full Power of the Sun, Part 2 -Toshiba’s breakthrough toward realizing Electric Vehicles (EVs) that run without plug-in charging

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Designing the future of energy – converting CO₂ from the villain to a new hero -The Start of the “Carbon Recycling” Era

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