Toshiba Africa Newsletter Edition 12 – 2021

Toshiba Africa Newsletter Edition 12 – 2021
Externally Gapped Surge Arresters
This year Toshiba introduced EGLAs (Externally Gapped Surge Arresters) to the local market via Exhibitions at Enlit Africa.

EGLAs can contribute to more stability in power grid in Africa where one of the highest lightning flash density in the world because of its unique geography.

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Externally Gapped Surge Arresters
Launched new air solution VRF system into Africa

Toshiba’s air conditioning solution Variable Refregerant Flow (VRF) system was launched in South Africa in June 2021. It is the ultimate air conditioning system which create highly efficient solution with maximum user comfort.

Reaching for a Carbon Neutral Future

These technologies make carbon neutral a reality

This year series of international conferences highlighted the importance of making actions to fight against climate change.

As an innovator in carbon-neutral technology, Toshiba is exploring several solutions for carbon reduction and renewable power generation, storage, and transmission and utilization.

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Toshiba Africa continued working closely with our local CSR partner LEAP Science and Maths school 3 in 2021.

Covid support
Toshiba Africa and Toshiba Europe funded
construction and renovation of classrooms
at LEAP 3 in Alexandra, Johannesburg to
ensure social distancing at school.
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2021 Volunteer days
In December Toshiba employees visited
LEAP 3 to host “Energy & Environmental
program” as their Toshiba Group
volunteer days action 2021.
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Toshiba Clip

Throughout 2021 we introduced numbers of stories about Toshiba’s Technology, Voice of our employees and Business Cases in our Group owned media Toshiba Clip.

We look forward to share more idea and showcase our expertise through this platform next year so we can shape the future of industry and society together.

Technology: Let’s get to know what’s Toshiba is developing

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Voice: Toshiba’s Young Engineer series
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Cases: How Toshiba’s products and solutions are used
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