Tranmission and distribution systems

Products & Services

Toshiba delivers technology and products remarkable for their innovation and artistry – contributing to a safer, more comfortable, more productive life. We bring together the spirit of innovation with our passion and conviction to shape the future and help protect the global environment – our shared heritage. We foster close relationships rooted in trust and respect with our customers, business partners, and communities around the world.

Our list of products and services include Power Systems, Transmission and Distribution Systems, Air Conditioning Systems, Industrial Systems, Multi-Function Printers, Point of Sale Systems, Printing Solutions, Railway and Locomotives, Security & Automation Systems, Laptops, Hard Drives and Memory Drives.

In response to our ever-evolving customer needs, we continue to develop our range of services and products. We are always preparing to meet future challenges and answer to the needs of our developing customer needs by providing new products, systems, solutions and services. New technologies are always emerging with improved operational characteristics, such as improved efficiency, low cost operations and environmental friendliness, our designs are more flexible, efficient and powerful. These technologies are expected to enable our customers to operate their businesses effectively by increasing speed and efficiency in implementing projects in an increasingly competitive market.

At Toshiba we envision that widening the areas of our services towards complete solutions will enable us to utilise our overall expertise better and take us forward in supplying higher quality products at much more economical rates for communities across the globe.