Tranmission and distribution systems

Transmission and distribution systems

With electric power transformers, other transformers and transformer-related products, Toshiba offers an extensive range of models which accommodate everything from power system stabilisation systems to the protection and control of power substations. We continue to refine the system development and integration technologies we have developed and use our vast experience and cutting-edge IT solutions to offer the latest power systems, contributing to the stable supply of electric power across the globe.

Transmission and Distribution Product and services

- GIS/GCB Gas Insulated Switchgears
- Protection & Control Systems
- Surge Arresters
- Power Electronics for Power Systems
- Transformers
- Switchgears
- Distribution Transformers

Gas Insulated Switchgears

Toshiba’s SF6 Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) is accepted world wide as state of the art equipment with many superior features. Since the delivery of the first units in 1969, Toshiba has supplied GIS, globally to more than 900 GIS stations with over 6,000 units covering voltages from 72kV to 1100kV and subject to various environmental conditions.

All these installations continue to provide trouble free, reliable service in network operation. They are Compact, compatible with outdoor conditions, use special 3D design technology, and provide both electric field analysis and gas flow analysis.

Protection & Control Systems

Toshiba provides complete solutions for protection, control and automation of power networks at all transmission and distribution voltage levels. Our innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology give you cost-effective and user-friendly products, while our high-quality manufacturing facilities guarantee years of reliable and maintenance-free service.

The GR-100 Series meet all your protection requires for transmission & distribution power systems. The GRE Series multi-function devices have been launched for application in MV networks. This compact and cost-effective device provides a comprehensive range of protection and control functions. The N-Series of low-cost, basic-function relays, and range of protection-related accessories complete our offers of the protection products. And finally, to take advantage of our knowledge and experience in substation automation & control, choose the reliability, flexibility and economy of the GSC1000 system

Surge Arresters

For over 80 years Toshiba has continuously endeavoured to improve surge arrester technology and product quality. With leading technology and decades of experience, we manufacture various surge arresters through careful application in modern facilities and subject each one to strict quality control, ensuring high performance and reliability. Consequently, our surge arresters are frequently used to protect the power supply of many cities worldwide.

Toshiba Surge Arresters can be applied to a variety of systems including substation equipment, AC-DC converters, railway power system and power distribution units ranging from 3.3kV to 800kV systems. Toshiba surge arresters incorporate TNR elements (Toshiba Non-linear Resistor ZnO Elements) with superior non-linear voltage-current characteristics, high quality and reliability. Metal oxide type surge arresters offer such special features inherent in the gap-less structure, such as a quick response to surge voltage, high energy dissipation capability, safe operation, compactness and freedom from pollution.

Power Electronics

Toshiba’s Power Electronics systems can deliver HVDC and FACTS equipment with world class quality and reliability that ensures the stability on electric power distribution networks.

The HVDC system provides both high quality, reliable, and optimized DC transmission systems and equipment to handle the need for electric power transmission on long-distance high-volume lines (including submarine cabling) and variable frequency lines, and AC lines with difficult to control power flow among other applications.

The FACT system (SVC and STATCOM) improves stability of power lines and assures power quality with functions to suppress voltage fluctuation and power oscillation caused by increased power source dispersion and abrupt load variations. It also has SVC and STATCOM, which are effective in counteracting voltage flicker.

Power Transformers

Toshiba first pioneered the development of transformers in Japan, in 1894. To satisfy the ever-increasing electricity demand, transmission voltages and capacity are continuously increasing the production of transformers to meet these requirements. In fact, Toshiba broke the previous Japanese high-voltage-capacity record with the development and commercialisation of an 800kV transformer. We have also developed other transformer products, such as Advanced Site Assembly (ASA) transformers, which were developed to meet requirements for transportation limitation or environmental conformity, and gas-insulated transformers, which are compact, environmentally friendly and non-flammable.


Toshiba has been providing highly reliable switchgears since starting production of metal-clad enclosed switchgear cubicles in 1926, and has continued to develop many products for a wide range of applications. Along with these technologies, Toshiba is developing products that are not only highly reliable, but are made with recyclable materials and have a low environmental impact.

Our Metalclad Air Insulated Switchgears (VEZ and VDZ) are air-insulated switchgears for the mid-voltage range of 12 kV and 24 kV, they are made in compartmentalised functional units that feature internal arc-discharge mechanisms and are interlocking. The VEZ and VDZ switchgears have internal flappers to discharge the high-voltage of arc accidents to protect operators from these accidents and are equipped with complete interlocking mechanisms needed to prevent human error during operation.

Toshiba’s range of Solid Insulated Switchgears (SIS) are designed for mid-voltage 24-kV and 36-kV applications. The solid insulation of the SIS uses high-performance epoxy resin developed with our proprietary technology. Compared to previous materials, it has much better mechanical strength, toughness, heat resistance, and dielectric strength. The SIS is the next generation of switchgear that do not use SF6 gas to help prevent global warming.

Distribution Transformers

Toshiba has developed its technology and quality of transmission and distribution systems for over 100 years and as a result we have contributed to the excellent standards of transformer production. Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems adequately control transmission and distribution in order to deliver reliable electricity to power plants, factories, transportation systems, and even to your home.